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How do you choose the right binary options expiry?

Choosing Binary Options Expiry

This post is a follow up to one I recently wrote about choosing binary options expiry. The previous posting was focused on measuring your charts and logging the information in a table so that you would know the average movement of a chosen asset for a given time frame. If you don’t know what I am talking about I suggest you read that post, there will be a link later. This post ties into that one but focuses more on stronger signals and weaker signals. For example, with a strong signal I may choose an option with expiry towards the short end of the expected time it would take for the option to move into the money. With a weaker signal I may choose to use an expiry at the longer end of the expected time frame.

Statistical Analysis And Your Charts

Example of chart data that can affect expiry choices

Example of chart data that can affect expiry choices

This is what I mean. In the previous article I described a method of measuring the length and magnitude of rallies and declines. These measurements are entered into a table and an average is given. This average can be used to help determine appropriate expiry’s. What I did not hit on the last time were the other important statistical points that can be gleaned from the data. For one, the median. The average and the median are not the same thing, one or both could be skewed. For another are the extremes and that is what this post is about. The extremes tell you what to expect when the unexpected happens. Let’s think about this from the perspective of the trade and signal. There is a sample amount of signals, some extreme and some average. The strong signals will correlate to the short extreme and the weak signals will most likely correlate to the long extreme in terms of the average amount of time it takes for a signal to produce a winning trade.

What constitutes a strong and a weak signal will depend on your trading system. I use a variety of different indicators and can get strong and weak signals in a number of ways. For this example I want to use a trade I made on Communitraders as part of my weekly column, Tips From The Geek. The trade is on gold. At the time the tip was made I was getting bearish signals but they were weak. I couldn’t discount them, and since the longer term trend was down I wasn’t about to risk a bullish trade, so I had to act. I was sure my analysis was right but was unsure of the time frame, a perfect time to look at my tables and see just how long it might take for a weak signal to develop. Based on my data and analysis I chose an expiry of one month.

communitraders order screenIn between the time that I opened the trade and closed it the price of gold fluctuated wildly. Economic data, Quantitative Easing and global recovery were playing havoc with expectations and demand. At one time this trade moved more than $60 out of the money. I had written it off on more than one occasion. Losses are part of the game so I wasn’t too upset. However, I wrote it off too soon. My analysis had been correct. Near term noise had a negative impact on my analysis but the longer term trend held true and it eventually did close in the money.

This chart shows entry and expiry.

This chart shows entry and expiry.

Choosing The Right Expiry Can Make All The Difference

Let’s take a quick look at the charts. At first glance you would think that playing a call may have been better at this time but my analysis was bearish. I was just uncertain of time frame because of the weakness of the signal. Based on my tables I knew I could expect it to take 4 weeks or more for this kind of signal to develop. I choose to use a one month expiry and managed to squeak out a profit. Just a week later the price of gold dropped again, breaking a major support and confirming my long term analysis. I could have trade calls in the interim but with bearish technicals I judged it to be a bad idea. By using my data tables  I was able to pick an expiry appropriate to the signal and was able to make a profitable trade if barely. Trusting your analysis can sometimes be the hardest thing to do, I readily admit being worried this trade was going to lose. Choosing the right expiry can be the difference between a winning trade and a losing one.

Click here for more on how to Measure Your Charts and choosing the right expiry.

Nadex is CFTC regulated

How Is NADEX Different From Other Binary Options

The North American Derivatives Exchange

nadex logoNADEX is the North American Derivatives Exchange. It is an offshoot of IG Markets, an international provider of CFD and other derivative instruments. Currently IG Markets operates in England, Europe and Australia providing traders a platform for trading. NADEX is the North American branch of this network and currently the only CFTC, SEC and OCC registered, licensed and regulated broker or exchange operating in the U.S. and North America. Regulation is important for binary options because it provides a base from which the industry can grow while building trust among traders and service providers. CFTC and SEC regulation is not the only kind of binary option regulation, just the only kind recognized acceptable in the U.S. at this time.

Binary Options Regulation

Several different countries regulate binary options

Several different countries regulate binary options

Other forms of binary options regulation include  CySEC, FSA, FSC, BaFIN and Isle of Man GSC among other local jurisdictions. CySEC has been leading the way in this regard. It is the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission and was the first to categorize binary options as a financial instrument. Because of CySEC’s work and member status in the EU CySEC regulated binary options brokers and service providers are able to reach traders throughout the EU and friendly nations through the Economic Passport.

Banc De Binary is one of the leading binary options brokers in this area although they still suck as a broker. BDB was the first to get CySEC regulation and subsequently FSA and BaFIN regulation. The FSA is the Financial Services Authority of England, BaFIN is the financial regulatory body of Germany. Other countries are also getting into the fray of binary options regulation. The FSC of the British Virgin Islands is one. This small island nation is one of the worlds banking/tax havens and a hot spot of the binary options industry. At this time there is no binary options broker, exchange or service legally operating in the U.S. besides NADEX and the limited binary offerings of the CBOE and AMEX.

  • Binary Options Regulation – Futures, options and derivatives trading is governed in the U.S. by the CFTC and the Commodity Exchange Act. Through its mandate to protect U.S. citizens from fraud and unscrupulous trading practices the CFTC has said that no unregulated options or other financial derivatives may be marketed or sold to U.S. citizens. This is why BDB and others have been shutting their doors to the U.S. The SEC’s stance is a little less clear and seems to provide a loophole a few brokers have seized upon.   These loopholes have lead some brokers to offer options on some assets but not on others, usually commodities.

    It seems clear to me that as regulation progresses in other parts of the world it will systematically shut down access to U.S. traders.  Regulation could change at any time and those loopholes could close at any time. CySEC’s recognition of binaries as financial instruments is great for the European and international markets but will eventually keep them out of the U.S. market. There are other sources of “off shore” binary options regulation such as ASIC, FSA and Isle Of Man GSC.

What Can You Trade At NADEX

There are some differences between NADEX and European style options that lie mostly in the types of options traded. With CySEC/European style binary options you can trade high/low, over/under, one touch, 60 second, range and 0-100 style binary options on all the major world indexes, currency pairs and commodities. At NADEX you can still trade all the same underlying assets but they are less types of options to choose from. There are only two kinds of options at NADEX, binary options and bull spreads.

Binary options are a fixed return, all or nothing trading vehicle with only two outcomes. If you win the option is worth $100, if you lose it is worth nothing. The price you pay for each contract will be somewhere between $0 and $100 depending on market conditions. If you pay $45 for an option and it profits you receive $100 for a net gain of $55-fees. Bull spreads trade like a covered call or options spread. They are binary outside the range but pay spot price within the range.

Nadex assets are easy to use and follow

Nadex assets are easy to use and follow

  • NADEX has binary options and bull spreads on all the major stock indexes, 8 major currency pairs, commodities and even some economic events. Each underlying asset is traded through a derivative binary options with an identical value. Some, but not all, have a different name. The S&P 500 is called the U.S. 500 and the EUR/JPY is stilled called the EUR/JPY.
  • Binary Options- NADEX binary options are all or nothing trading vehicles with expirations ranging from this morning to this afternoon, the close of todays session or the close of this weeks session. They are worth $0 or $100 at expiration. You choose from a list of possible strikes and expirations, pay market price and profit the difference. Market price will range between $0 and $100, comes with a bid/ask spread and fluctuates with the movement of the underlying asset.
  • Bull spreads- Bull spreads are similar to binary options but have some distinct differences. In essence bull spreads trade like a future mixed with an option spread. Outside the range of the spread the bull spread is binary, just like an options spread. If it closes higher than the range you get the maximum return, if it closes lower than the range you get the maximum loss. Within the range the bull spread trades like a future and is worth $1 per point. If the bull spread closes within the range but higher than your buy-in point you will receive the difference between your paying price and the spot price at expiration.

Trader Resources At NADEX

nadex webinars mayThere is a complete set of trader tools at NADEX. The set includes the basic information on trading binary options and bull spreads and other more advanced tools. The ongoing education series consists of daily webinars on subjects ranging from strategy to charting and psychology. The platform is easy to use but takes a little getting used to. Once you have taken the tour and gotten familiar with it you will have no problem. There are charts available but I still prefer to use my charts through OptionsXpress.

What Are The Differences Between NADEX and CySEC Binary Options

nadex order ticketLet’s compare NADEX and the general off-shore/European Style/CySEC binary options industry. European style CySEC regulated binary options brokers are not the same as NADEX for a variety of reasons. First, CySEC regulated binary options brokers are more like banks offering high yield investments. NADEX is more like the NYSE or the AMEX. The high yield investments, binary options, are sold directly from the bank(binary options broker) to the client (you). The binary broker makes money by keeping 70-100% of losing trades and a smaller percent of winning trades. Brokers try to keep their books even by matching buyers of puts and calls. When this is not possible they have even resorted to manipulating closing prices in order to keep themselves in the green. These aspects of the binary options industry is one of the reasons it has received so much criticism over the past few years and why there is so much risk of fraud and shady dealings from offshore brokers. This is also why CySEC came into play, to prevent fraud and provide a framework for fair dealing.

Second, NADEX is an options exchange. This means it is a market place, much like your local farmers market.A binary options market place is where binary options traders can come together to buy and sell options. The exchange charges a fee per trade in order to make its money and not a percentage.  The fees are inconsequential when compared to trading CySEC style binary options. NADEX charges $0.90 per contract with a maximum fee of $9 per trade. $100 at NADEX could buy you two contracts with a cost of $1.80. With CySEC if you trade $100 the broker may get $70-$100 of that money if you lose, depending on rebate structure. They may get as much as $20-$30 from the opposite side of the trade if you win.

This difference is one reason why CySEC style binary options are not allowed in the U.S. I know you are thinking to yourself right now if that is the case why are so many brokers still operating with U.S. clients. The answer to this is they are doing so at the risk of themselves and their clients. The CFTC has already shut down several brokers. The leading CySEC style binary options brokers are now shutting their doors to U.S. traders one-by-one as they receive regulation to protect themselves so be careful if you (American Trader) choose to use one.

nadex sell ticketThe third major difference between NADEX and CySEC/European binary options is tradability. CySEC binary options can not be sold (usually) before expiration and are only worth $0 or your predetermined return. NADEX binary options are highly tradable and can be bought and sold at any time prior to expiration. Since the price of NADEX options changes over time your profit or loss will be determined by the difference in opening price and closing price. Another great thing about NADEX binary options is that they can be sold short. That’s right, sold short. Unlike CySEC options which are only debit positions (buy a call if bullish, buy a put if bearish) NADEX options are either debit or credit. You buy the position if you think the market is moving up and will close above, you sell the position if you think the market is not moving up and will not close above. This reason alone makes NADEX more attractive to me simply because it opens up so many different types of strategies that can not be used with CySEC options.

  • The Greeks And Binary Options- The options Greeks Delta, Theta, Vega and Gamma have no bearing on binary options. They do play an underlying role on market value but are not present during trading. You do not have to worry about how far, how fast an asset moves while keeping one eye on volatility and another on interest rates. Binary options close in the money if they are above the strike price and out of the money if they are below it. They only have two values and you receive all or nothing at expiration.

Click Here For More Information On NADEX Binary Options Strategies

Are CySEC Binary Options Brokers Safe

CySEC style binary options and brokers are safe. Trading binary options is a viable method of speculating world markets and it can be done profitably. However, like all financial vehicles, especially highly speculative ones like binary options, they come with risk and should be approached with caution. Be sure to check into any broker before depositing money and make double sure of their withdrawal methods and requirements. I have three CySEC/European style binary options brokers on my short list of approved brokers. These are:

Binary Options Are Risky 

Trading of any kind is risky. I highly recommend that you spend as much time as possible learning about the financial markets, fundamental and technical analysis before you begin any trading. You should also consult a professional and make sure you have the resources to risk money on trading binary options. Binary options are not a get rich quick scheme, it is possible to lose your entire investment or account in one trade.

nadex logo

Advantages To Using NADEX Binary Options

There Are Many Advantages To Trading NADEX Binary Options

Nadex order screens allow traders to watch multiple assets at once.

Nadex order screens allow traders to watch multiple assets at once.

I have been researching binary options for some time now. One of the biggest areas of concern in the industry that I have uncovered is regulation. Not many binary options brokers are regulated and not of all those who are regulated are the same. The biggest advantage to U.S. traders using NADEX is CFTC regulation. NADEX is the only the binary options exchange licensed by the CFTC and legally operating in the U.S. Without that regulation a binary options broker can not operate in the U.S. or with U.S. citizens.

Some still claim they are accepting U.S. clients but it is only a matter of time before they get shut down, or at least cut off from the U.S. market. If you don’t believe me just check into Banc De Binary or 24Option. BDB has already closed it’s door to U.S. traders and 24Option has informed they are on the way to doing the same. In this will only leave us NADEX so there really is no choice. However, after reviewing and using NADEX I have come to the conclusion that it is the best binary options broker or exchange. There are many more advantages to NADEX than just CFTC regulation.

  • OCC. NADEX options are closed through the OCC, the Options Clearing Corporation. This is the same body that clears all other types of options in the U.S.
  • NADEX is an Exchange. NADEX is an exchange. They are in business to provide an arena for traders to meet. When you trade NADEX binary options you are trading with other market participants and not the house like with Euro style binary options.

    Nadex options can be sold for a credit.

    Nadex options can be sold for a credit.

  • Multiple Strikes. This gives some real flexibility. Option values at the different strikes are vastily different and offer different risk/reward profiles. If you have been looking at or using the Option Builder tool offered by SpotOption powered off-shore brokers then you will probably love the multiple strikes at NADEX.
  • No Spreads. NADEX options are based on an underlying asset and are priced, purchased and closed according to the current spot rate. There are no spreads, cushions or buffers for your trades to overcome.This is one reason to be thankful for CFTC regulation.
  • Fees. NADEX charges just $0.90 per contract with a maximum fee of $9 per trade. This is a far cry less than the percentage rates charged by off-shore binary options brokers.
  • GTC Orders. To my knowledge there is no off-shore European style broker with limit or gtc order capability. In order to trade with them you have to be present, there is no set-it and forget-it with them. NADEX binary options can be set with a target price and set as good-until-cancelled. This allows traders to pick appropriate entry points and target prices, set orders and then execute them without having to sit in front of the computer all day.
  • Use More Strategies. Because NADEX binary options have more than one strike price, are tradable and have credit positions there are dozens of more techniques and strategies available. European style binary options are incredibly limited.Click here for more on NADEX strategies for binary options.
  • Hedging. You can hedge more effictively with NADEX binary options. There are some good hedging strategies employable in the off-shore binary options world but in the end the best they can do is reduce risk, not eliminate it. It is possible to open offsetting NADEX positions for a net credit. Because of the pay out structure of off-shore binary options, and because they only offer debit positions, hedging them against each other can reduce your risk but will still leave you with a net loss.
  • Tradable. NADEX binary options are tradable. They are only binary at expiration, during thier life they can be opened or closed at any time. The price depends on the price of the underlying, profits and losses are the difference between the cost of ownership and $100.
  • No Pattern Day Trader Rule. There is no pattern day trader rule. You can trade as much or as little as you want without fear of margin requirements or sanctions.
  • No Margin Requirements. There are no margin requirements with NADEX. All trades are cashed secured. It only takes $250 to open an account. You can buy or sell as soon as your funds clear. Sellers only need to maintain the risk requirement for their open positions. After the initial deposit there are no account minimums, you can make any trade your account will cover.
  • Forex Opens Sunday At 3PM. Currency traders can access world markets when they open on Sunday. There is no need to wait for Monday morning opening.
  • Selling! You receive a credit for selling a position. This creates positive cash flow!