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Banc De Binary Is The Leading Binary Options Broker

Banc De Binary Is Now FSA Regulated

Banc De Binary has been leading the binary options community for some time and has now made another move forward. The Banc achieved FSA regulation on February 26th. You probably have no idea what the FSA is unless you live in the UK or trade on a UK exchange. The FSA is the Financial Services Authority and regulates activities, products, services and providers of financial instruments in the UK. The FSA gets its mandate from a group of laws including the Financial Services and Markets Act(2007), Money Laundering Regulations(2007), Payment Services Regulations(2009) and the Electronic Money Regulations(2011).

Banc De Binary is EU regulated

Banc De Binary is EU regulated

The approval of the FSA is an important step for BDB following its regulation by CySEC. CySEC is the Cyrpus Securities and Exchange Commission. It is the first regulatory body to recognize binary options as true investment instruments. Because of its acceptance of binary options as financial instruments the binary options industry can gain legal access to European markets through CySEC and the European Economic Arena financial services passport laws. FSA’s approval is a confirmation of the move by CySEC, a sign of the growing importance of binary options in the marketplace and a real jewel in BDB’s crown. Now, if only we could get the CFTC to come to terms with European style binary options.

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What Does FSA Regulation Mean For Banc De Binary?

Banc De Binary is regulated by the FSA but what does that mean. FSA is the official regulatory body of the UK so this approval makes it legal for Banc De Binary to market financial instruments in the UK. I checked out the FSA’s website and saw for myself what the registration says. The Banc is registered with a home state of Cyprus and allowed to operate in the UK under the provisions set forth by the MiFID Inward Service and the EEA passport. It allows BDB to receive, execute, manage, give investment advice, hold money and give credit or loans on behalf of its clients. This permission is limited to options, futures, swaps and any other derivative contracts including those relating to commodities.

What this really means is that Banc De Binary has been recognized as a sound financial institution by yet another major world government. This is another step forward for the binary options industry and has set Banc De Binary up as the industry leader. Surely it won’t be the last broker to get FSA regulation but it is the first. This counts for something. The Banc appears to be very serious about its brokerage and its reputation in the world financial markets. The bad news is that Banc De Binary has still not been able to make any progress with the CFTC. This impasse is a serious hurdle for BDB. Without it there is no possibility of it reaching the U.S. market place. Banc De Binary is the best broker for many internationally based traders. The UK, Australia, Germany, Canada and France are all able to utilize the brokerage services from BDB.

Banc De Binary Is On Facebook

I also found out that BDB is on Facebook. I had to go and check it out to see what they were posting. The site is still fairly new but it does have something to offer. Fans who like the page will get daily market updates and news relating to BDB. This is pretty cool because from what I saw it looked to current and relevant. Plus, when I looked back in the timeline there were posts about Asian and European market events not covered on CNBC. I thought that was awesome because it adds another dimension to trading the world markets.

2-5-2013 banc de binary facebook

Update For BDB Affiliates

Banc De Binary has a pretty good affiliate program. Not only is there payout for reaching new depositors there are also usually several contests going on. Three new contests are now in the works and one of them has already started. Beginning March 1st all affiliates who bring in 10 new depositors for the month will get a Galaxy Tab 2 tablet. The contest in April is to bring in 20. Winners will receive a MacBook Pro. For may, any affiliate who can bring in 30 new depositors will receive a Phillips 3D LED TV. The challenges are hard, I have never gotten ten in one month, but the prizes are worth it. Seriously, put a little more work into, make a little more money and get a new touch screen tablet or maybe even a new lap top or TV?

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Great Website Explores If Binary Options Suck, A Great Resource For Binary Traders

Do binary options suck, are they a scam or gambling? Those are questions being asked around the world right now, this very minute. The simple answer is maybe, depending on which question and who you ask. Regardless, binary options and binary options trading are here to stay. The industry is growing daily with new brokers emerging and new regulation being put into place. Unfortunately some brokers, websites and strategies do suck. This is why was founded. ( is a growing community of traders aimed at highlighting the best binary options brokers and websites while uncovering the binary options brokers that suck. You may laugh at the name and you may scoff at the cartoon avatars used by the senior members but you will find that inside their walls a serious effort is being made. The site hosts insightful commentary from industry experts, tips and advice from expert traders, reviews of the best and worst binary options brokers and an awesome forum for binary traders.

I have to admit than when I first came across the site I was a little leery. I have been researching and trading binary options for over a year now and up until I found BOTS what I had been learning was not awesome. You might say it sucked. What I found at BOTS was highly informative and helped lead me in the right directions. They are not a broker, they are the first high quality supporting website for the binary options industry. Their articles are objective and intended to help boost the credibility of binary trading and make the industry safer for traders around the world.

What You Will Find At

Broker Reviews

-BOTS includes reviews and analysis on all available binary options brokers. The list is extensive and includes the standard basic info plus user reviews, educational resource reviews and reviews by the BOTS experts. Unlike other binary options websites that only list reviews for a few brokers, most likely the ones they are affiliate marketing for, BOTS is dedicated to full disclosure and equal access for all binary options brokers and platforms. Because of this I think you can find a more objective review plus more relevant user comments than on any other reviewing site.

Recommended Brokers

-Here you will find a much smaller list of binary options brokers. This list comprises the brokers that are being used by the experts traders who contribute to and all the brokers BOTS has determined are trust worthy and worth your time. Every broker sucks sometimes and this is the place to find out how and why. The best way to pick a broker you know is right for you is to find out as much about them as you can. Forum

-The forum is perhaps the best part of the entire site. It is the perfect accompaniment to the the website itself. On the forum you will find active discussion from binary traders around the world. Topics include all the articles, tips, reviews and education provided on BOTs and almost anything else relevant to binary options, binary options traders and binary options trading.

Strategies, Tools and Articles is one of the best place to find information on trading binary options. There are other good places that have similar information but they are not dedicated binary options web sites with the express purpose of compiling the number resource for binary options trading. I and the other writers review the tools commonly used by traders and those new ones that catch our eye, we explain and review strategies intended for binary options and write other articles on subjects of interest to the binary community.


-The binary options educational section of is one of the most compete I have found to date. It not only includes the reviews I mention before it also includes review of the available resources found elsewhere on the internet. Trading resources provided by BOTS are very thorough and are also actively improved upon with new information and discussion on the forum. The School also includes articles/general information, strategies and strategy reviews, binary options trading tools and tool reviews, trading tips for short and long term traders as well as weekly financial analysis.

Michael Hodges Tips From The Geek And Financial Analysis By Richard Cox

My two favorite portions of the BOTS community is the tips by the Geek and the Weekly Financial Analysis by Richard Cox. The tips are written by Michael Hodges, a contributor to this blog. He provides 5 weekly tips for binary options traders based on his own brand of technical and fundamental analysis. The tips are posted each week in the forum in the Weekly and Monthly Trading Tips section where the other experts and forum members can comment and discuss them.

Richard Cox writes the weekly financial analysis. He is an experienced market speculator and financial educator with a global perspective. He often alerts me to market making events that I would never find otherwise. Over the past few months his insights have helped me to uncover some of the fundamental factors driving the forex markets.

Is Banc De Binary Legit

This is a very good question. I will be the first to admit that the binary options community has earned a reputation for scams. There are quite a few binary options scams out there and that is what regulators are seeking to prevent. Banc De Binary is not one of them. The Banc is based in Cyrpus and has been a leader in the binary options industry since it opened in 2009. The bank and binary options broker has always maintained a professional approach to its operations and has been a leader in the binary options industry. It was the first broker to get CySEC regulated and it was the first broker to get regulated by the FSA.

Banc De Binary is based on corporate responsibility,ethical practices and the highest professional standards. At least that is what it says on the website. Digging a little deeper I found evidence to back up the boast. The first thing that come up is that it is the first binary options brokers to receive CySEC approval License number 188/13. This means that the European branch of the operation is regulated by the Cyprus SEC and the Eurozone Investment Services And Activities And Regulated Market Law of 2007-2009. This falls under the broader spectrum of the MiFIB and the European Economic Arena Passport. This assures that the broker is monitored by a third party regulator and is subject to scrutiny and sanction. It also means that all client funds are held in trust accounts and not commingled with corporate funds. This insures the safety of your deposits and guarantees access to European markets. These accounts are also protected by the EEA’s ICF, Investors Compensation Fund and audited by K.Treppiddes & Co Inc.

Banc De Binary Not Open For U.S. Traders

Another sign of the brokers legitimacy is its desire for SEC and CFTF Regulation. In order to back up its claims of transparency and compliance with local/federal banking laws Banc De Binary is currently in negotiations for approval and regulation as U.S. binary options broker. According to an update to a press release put out by BDB in January the CFTC and the bank are still in negotiation and there is no sign of progress yet. The Banc maintains its position and is hopeful it will get approval soon. This approval would mean that in addition to the NADEX, CBOE and AMEX binary markets there would also be an actual binary options exchange in the U.S. As soon as they close the deal it will open back up and I will open an account for a better revue.

More About Banc De Binary

Banc De Binary has one of the best binary options platforms available. The site is powered by SpotOtion, a binary trading platform used by about 80% of the binary options industry. SpotOption is also licensed under CySEC regulations. The platform is easy to use and comes with some of binary tradings best features. Screens are easy to read and payouts are good. Expirations range from 60 seconds to weekly and even monthly expirations through the end of the year. This gives some of the most flexibility of trading I have seen in binary options. Other types of binary trades available are one touch, 60 second and Options Builder. The first two are risky binary tools, I am still on the fence about the Option Builder. I have used it of OptionXP and didn’t really see the point but more on that later. Overall I like Banc De Binary and would use it if they received U.S. approval.