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Communitraders is the best in social binary options trading. I am not just saying that because I work there. It is because I, and others like Martin, Shay and Kolyo work there that Communitraders, CT, is as good as it is. I know that I, and the others, have reviewed every types of platform on the market today, nearly every broker and each new type of software as we find it so I know what I’m talking about.  CT has the best binary options demo platform, the most assets, the most versatile expiry, the most active and useful forum and the most sought after traders in the binary options community. Of course, I don’t think you should take my word for it, you definitely must check it out for yourself but here is a look at what you will find. Cheers!


BinaryOptionsThatSuck.com, BOTS from here on, is where it all began. This is a website devoted to unmasking the scams, separating the good brokers from the bad, providing the best binary options education and building community among binary options traders. I know that may sound corny but it’s true. I first began working with BOTS in 2012 with my first column, Tips From The Geek, a column I still write every week to this day. Soon after I began to take on more and more assignments such as tool and strategy reviews, news and a little forum posting. Eventually CT was launched and my involvement only got deeper from there.

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On the BOTS website you will find reviews of brokers and platforms but you can find that just about anywhere. The difference is that these are written by traders for traders and not for some affiliate marketing scheme. Of course BOTS makes money from affiliates but you can’t knock a guy for making a buck so long as it is done with integrity. Also on the site is the school section. This section is divided into sections for newbies, intermediate and advanced traders and contains articles on tools, strategy, account management and many other topics of interest to traders. These articles are written by the BOTS staff which includes myself, Bogdan, Richard, Martin and other pro traders.

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The website also has weekly articles such as my Tips From The Geek and Bodgans Top Five Market Movers. There are also updates on industry news and interest pieces we write as directed by our lead editor, Martin K, and his right hand man, Kolyo.  The best part of the website though is the forum. The forum is linked to every article so you can comment on each one, or simply go straight to the forum and choose one of many rooms dedicated to different aspects of binary trading, analysis, tools and news. The newest feature of the forum is the Global News Desk, a room full of threads dedicated to headlines, news and commentary from around the world all written by binary options traders.


Communitraders Social Binary Trading

How does Communitraders, CT, fit into all of this? Well, CT is a binary options demo platform designed by the BOTS team after years of researching. It was launched in 2013 as a beta version and has been getting better ever since. Now it is a full service binary options social and copy trading platform. The platform is linked hand in hand with the forum so you can follow other traders, talk about their trades and strategies, make your own trades and even post them to forum to show what you know or get advice from others. It is the most advanced social and demo platforms for binary options combined in one package allowing traders to copy each other or build their own following.

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The Forum – The Forum at CT is the place to go find other traders. The forum itself is broken down into several sub-forums with names like Trading Discussions, Trading Tips & Signals, Binary Options Strategies and Tools and the Communitraders Social Trading Platform. My favorite sub-forum is the Global News Desk. I use it every day to check in with the latest headlines from around the world.  I also like the CT sub-forum because that is where you find the posts that have trades connected to them. Don’t worry though, you can reply to any post in the CT sub-forum with a trade, pretty cool.


The Platform – The platform is easy to use and to navigate. You will have to enter a title for each trade, pick an asset, a trading style, an expiry and a trade amount. You then check whether or not you have a live trade on the same position and then click trade, or trade and share. If you just trade the position will show in your account. If you pick trade and share it will post to the CT room on the forum for everyone to see. You can make your own trades or choose to follow the trades, tips or advice of others as you see fit. The best part is that when others copy your trades you make money!

The first thing you will notice is that the charts are far more advanced than what you will find on any other binary options platform.


Commnunitraders is the best demo platform because it is completely free, all you have to do is join the forum. There are no time limits, no deposit requirement or limit on trade volume. It is also the best because it is not tied to any one binary options platform. If you have ever looked at more than one broker you will know that they do not always offer the same assets, the same options or the same expiry. With CT it doesn’t matter, you can test any type of trading on the platform because it has the all the choices available across the industry.


Each traders account, once you join the forum, has access to CT and comes with a performance report. You can check out other traders, you can also be sure that other traders will be checking you out as well. The report is useful when choosing another trader to follow or copy and also for analyzing your own performance. I recently quit trading the EUR/USD because it was my worst performing asset. I have also cut down on my put trading as well. If you were looking to copy me you might want to focus only on my S&P 500 Call trades because they are my best performing strategy (69%) and best performing asset.

The Geek Account

The Geek Account is what I call my trading account at CT. It is where I place all the trades from my weekly column, Tips From The Geek. Each Monday morning I catch up on the news, assess my charts and make five trades based on market conditions. I place the trades in my account as soon as I can so that anyone who wants to get in with my trades as early as possible can.  I use stochastic, MACD, exponential moving averages, Fibonacci retracements, trend lines and support&resistance to make my analysis along with a long term study of current economic conditions.

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My trades are usually with one week to one month expiry, rarely I will make a 3 day trade and even more infrequently one with even less expiration.  This represents the best in social binary trading, not because I am such a great trader but because it takes a weekly analysis/outlook, tacks on live trading in an awesome demo account and includes access to me and other traders through the forum, all linked with the marvels of modern computer technology.

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