Michael Hodges, also known as "The Geek" by the trading community at Binaryoptionsthatsuck.com

Michael Hodges Binary Options

Hello All, 

My name is Michael Hodges. I am a trader and writer, specializing in the growing on line binary options industry. I began researching and trading binary options in 2011 after taking an assignment with BinaryOptionsThatSuck.com(BOTS). Up until that time I had been strictly an options traders focusing on the S&P 500. I am also a writer which is how I came to be connected to BOTS. I began by researching binary options trading, brokers and with my column called Tips From The Geek. Since then I have continued my association with BOTS, expanding my role into that of broker reviews, trading tips, strategies, trading tools and I even maintain a trading account with the new binary options social trading platform Communitraders which is part of the BOTS family. My exposure to binary options has inspired me to create my own website. That is what Binary Market Analysis is. It is my personal forum for writing articles on binary options topics I find interesting.

Michael Hodges, also known as "The Geek" by the trading community at Binaryoptionsthatsuck.com

Michael Hodges, also known as “The Geek” by the trading community at Binaryoptionsthatsuck.com

Who Is Michael Hodges

I am the son of Eastern North Carolina natives. I currently reside in Fayetteville, NC. My father was an army pilot. He flew the UH-1 Iriquois in Viet Nam and other places around the world while I was growing up. He is now retired and enjoying life hunting and playing with his grand kids. My mom is a seamstress who makes heirloom quality custom items. As a child we lived all over the south east and in Germany. I was born in Texas and have lived there, in Georgia, Alabama, NC, Frankfurt and Hanau Germany. We were back in the states for me to go to high school and then I went on to college at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. After not graduating due to an intense interest in having fun I moved on to culinary school where I went on to graduate at the top of my class and to eventually move on to a career as a chef.

During my time as a chef I was introduced to trading.  I attended a one day seminar about buying stocks and was completely enthralled. I spent the next 3 years learning everything I could about trading and options until I could traded successfully on my own. Since then I have almost entirely left the food service industry in favor of trading and writing for a living. I tend to focus on the S&P 500 index as my primary asset for speculation. However, one of the reasons why I find binary options so appealing is because of the access to markets I would not other wise be able to trade. Since becoming a binary trader I have branched out into several other markets and now regularly trade the eur/usd, usd/jpy, gold, DAX and a few others.

Part of my work with BOTS includes writing a weekly tip sheet. I provide some analysis and tips for 5 assets each week and keep track of them in my account on Communitraders. To avoid confusion you should know that BOTS is Communitraders and Communitraders is BOTS, they’re the same people. BOTS is the website where you will find my and other’s articles, Communitraders (CT) is where you will find the forum and the best binary options social trading and demo account. I make my analysis based on years of experience reading charts and speculating. I use support/resistance lines, trend lines, MACD, stochastic and Fibonacci Retracements as part of my regular analysis. I tend to trade a little longer term than most binary traders, weekly and monthly expiry. I find that longer term trades are more likely to be successful. I also utilize careful money management, only making small trades so that no one trade can damage my account to badly. This also allows me to make a lot of trades at once, which helps keep my profit percentages up.

What Am I Doing Here

The purpose of this blog and website are to provide a platform for me to write about things not covered at BOTS. It is also a place for me to expound on ideas binary traders are exploring on BOTS, CT and other places around the web. In the future, my work as binary options watchdog will include newsletters, analysis, ebooks and other items relevant and useful for trading binary options.

Feel free to contact me at Michaelhodgesbinaryoptions@gmail.com

I can also be found at


and BinaryOptions.Net

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