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When checking out new and innovative binary options brokers it is easy for me to forget the old tried and true brokers. It seems each new review is comparing the new broker to the old, of the new broker to what I think the industry wants. What each new review does not do is highlight the older, more established binary options brokers and what it is they bring to the industry. One such broker that I have used for a long time is Anyoption. Anyoption is one of the first and oldest, most well established binary options brokers on the market. Becuase of this they can offer one unique feature that the newer brokers can’t… depth of service. A newer broker may have some of the features, some of the assets, some of the expiry’s and some of the innovations but Anyoption is one broker that has them all.

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What is more frustrating than to check out a hot new broker, one with a really great feature only to find out that there are only a handful of available assets and expirations. I can’t tell you how many times I have been reviewing a broker to find that there no end of day or end of week expiry’s or that there were no available options on gold when I wanted to trade gold. This is especially true with new innovations. The newer the tool and the newer the broker the less likely it is the feature will be available all the time, on demand. Anyoption has the client base and the industry experience to enable it to offer a more comprehensive list of assets and expiration times. It also allows Anyoption to offer the best innovations in the industry and to build on that innovation. One thing I am talking about is Anyoptions 0-100 options tool. This tool mimics U.S. CFTC style binary options and is one step toward bringing the U.S. and off-shore markets together.

What Does Anyoption Have That Other Brokers Don’t

Instead of nailing down all the minute differences between Anyoption and the average run of the mill options broker I am simply going to tell you what Anyoption has. After that you can compare them to what you are getting with your current broker and see what you think. I think there is little reason to go elsewhere, especially if you are new to binary trading.

  • Option Types – Anyoption has several options types including the standard high/low and one touch. They also have a couple of innovative option types including their 0-100 binary options, Option+ and Bitcoin options but more on those later.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals – Anyoption has one of the easiest deposit and withdrawal of any binary options broker. The new addition of American Express to the fold makes it even easier. Available deposit methods include credit cards, wire transfers, Money Bookers and Domestic Payments. Withdrawals can be made by check, credit card or wire transfer with no additional fees.
  • Assets – Anyoption has over 100 tradable assets at any given time during market hours and some available when the markets are closed. Some assets, like EUR/USD, trade 24 hours a day during the market week. Anyoption has the most complete listing of world indices of any option broker. There are 31 world stock indices including the U.S., Europe, Mexico, India, China, Japan, Korea, Israel, Australia and Dubai. Add to that 9 currency pairs, 4 commodities and over 50 international stocks and you will find a list with more than you need.
  • Option Expiry’s – Anyoption has a comprehensive list of short and long term binary options. Expiry’s run from several intra-day times to end of day, end of week and end of month. This is great for all kinds of binary options trading strategies and gives traders and added advantage when speculating the markets.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly expiry is available at AnyOption

    Daily, weekly and monthly expiry is available at AnyOption

    Expiry Rates – Expiry rates are simple and clear. Each options expiry is taken from a single source, usually Reuters closing price or an official rate as reported by Reuters. Each asset and option types expiry source is listed in the terms of use, is easy to find and easy to track.

  • Option+ - Some options can be sold back to Anyoption before the expiration time. This is a useful for heavily traded assets and volatile assets that may move against you, or with you, before the options expires. With the Option+ option you can sell an in-the-money option at a profit or an out-of-the-money option at a loss. Because profits and losses will not be as large as if the option were held until expiration traders can lock in early gains or cut losses if needed
  • Live Data – The Live Data feature allows you to see who is trading what at any given time. Recent trades and trader sentiment for the asset. This is a great sentiment indicator and a useful tool.
  • Profit % Levels – This feature is one that has been around at Anyoption for a long time. It is one innovation being copied but other platforms under the name Option Builder. This feature allows traders to set their own risk/reward levels from a set of choices. This way trades can be tailored to suit each traders style and risk tolerance.
  • One Touch Options – These options are available over the weekend and payout when the underlying assets touches or passes the chosen strike price. One Touch options pay out up to 400% and are among the highest paying options in the industry.
  • BitCoin Forex Options – Anyoptions has made another innovation with BitCoin options. There are multiple options, strikes and expiries available each trading day. The growing popularity and value of BitCoin have made trading BitCoin options a hot new trend in the binary world.
  • 0-100 Options – These options are similar to NADEX CFTC style binary options. They are a tradable asset with a value between 0-100 when open and a value of 0 or 100 when expired. These options offer the greatest flexibility of any binary option type because they are tradable and have payouts that can reach up to 900% or more.

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This lot of five 0-100 options was purchased for $24.30 each and returned a net $378.50 (311%)

This lot of five 0-100 options was purchased for $24.30 each and returned a net $378.50 (311%)

Anyoption, Not Just Any Option

I am sure it is easy to see just how good Anyoption is. The question is whether your current broker lives up to the high bar set by Anyoption. To recap, Anyoption has over 100 assets including 31 international stock indices. Some of the assets are tradable 24 hours a day. There are 9 currency pairs covering all the major world monies as well as a full list of available options. Options and expiries are available when the market is open and when you want to trade, not like other brokers who only offer some assets and options some of the time. Going even further, Anyoption has 0-100 options, profit % levels, BitCoin options and Option+ features, all things you will not find anywhere else, at least not all in one place. And that’s my point really, Anyoption has all the options, all the assets, all the features and all the innovations you could want and all in one place. Avoid the frustration of using any other option broker.

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